Touraine - Gamay

The bright garnet color in a glass. A pretty Pomegranate nose with blackberry blamber scents Announces a light and fresh mouth. This light bodied wine is very smoothy and fruit Forwarded accentuated with a nice acidity in a mouth.

Food pairings:
Goes wonderfully with pizzas, paninis with ham and Tomatoes, bbq with white meat and sausages, chicken Ragout, as well as with some chocolate based Desserts (chocolate fondue).

Touraine - Pinot Noir

Bright purple color with some violet hints Red fruit, flower, and spice aromas that are Accentuated by a caramelized vanilla notes. Light Bodied wine with a long and a smooth finish.

Food pairings:
Grilled beef steak, samoussas, wok chiken, portobello mushrooms, saint-nectaire cheese.Goes Perfectly with some dessert as cherry clafoutis or Oven backed bananas.

Touraine - Assemblage

80% Côt - 15% Cabernet Franc - 5% Pinot Noir

A deep and intense red color. Floral blueberry nose With complex crushed gravels and menthol accents Announce the subtle and silky mouth. Lingering Tannins are accentuated with a nice acidity in a mouth.

Food pairings:
Cheese souffle, beef carbonade flamande , tartiflete With reblochon, red wine fondue, camembert, pont D’eveque and other aromatic cheeses.

Touraine - Rosé

This rosé has pinkish color with coral highlights. Beautiful, aromatic intensity combining the power of Red fruits (strawberry, raspberry) on a backdrop of Spices.This is wine with a subtle taste, both light and Fruity, it is nevertheless dry. Pleasant by its fresh Side.

Food pairings:
Cherry tomatoes pie, mexican tacos, ratatouille, gazpacho, blackberry or cherry sorbet.